Picked up another Warm Morning

Re: Picked up another Warm Morning

PostBy: Smokeyja On: Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:00 am

jjs777_fzr wrote:
LDPosse wrote:I haven't dealt with a stove using an oval stovepipe connection before. Is this a standard item, or are these "warm morning-specific" adapters?

Nice stoves. I've seen these listed in the goto book Coal Comfort.
Appears to boast a reversible flu pipe collar - to change from horizontal exit to veritical.

I can't recall if this was already mentioned somewhere - but Larry sells a oval to round adapter. May want to research whether that would fit your application. Link pasted below:


I've already been down that road . They won't fit. Larry even sent me a photocopy and measurements for me to try out.

If you guys wish to view the exact measurements of the WM oval outlet then scroll down to the middle of this thread Chubby Stove Oval to Round Adapter.... and tere is links I uploaded on one of my sites.
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