HW Recommendations

HW Recommendations

PostBy: Zinj On: Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:25 pm

Hello all,

I was looking for any recommendations regarding heat pump water heaters. I was kicking around the idea of installing one in conjunction with replacing my oil fired boiler (forced water baseboard) with a coal stoker/oil backup. My thoughts were to use the boiler for DHW in heating months and the heat pump for when the boiler is offline through summer. I know there are quite a few recommendations toward running the boiler year round but we only have window units for AC so I would like to reduce any heat loads in summer. Couple that with the need for some dehumidification, heat pump water heater seems like a good choice. That and I can get $500 between the feds and power company in rebates. Thought about some 80 gal hybrid units but they are around $2K...so my next thought was to get a convention electric 80 gallon and add on a Nyle Geyser R ($900) add on heat pump. I can put that together a little cheaper than a package unit...provided I can find a used tank. Those things don't seem to sit on the curb anymore. Not many on Craigslist either. Heck I use to replace them and send them to the scrap yard...or to the (former) boss's failed attempt at a bio-diesel rendering shop. I appreciate any recommendations, experiences with specific brands, etc.

Thanks all.
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Re: HW Recommendations

PostBy: LDPosse On: Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:32 pm

I would take a look at the GE Geospring. You can find them on sale for under $1000, then you can apply the rebates to that. Another plus is the geospring is made in the USA. I have one and have been theilled with it. If you search my posts, I have one I posted not long ago with my hourly energy use pre-and post- heat pump water heater.

Personally, I would not run the boiler all year just to produce domestic hot water. The heat pump water heaters are so efficient, I highly doubt you would be saving any money by tying into the boiler.
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