New St. Nick Breaker

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PostBy: coal berner On: Thu Jan 10, 2008 3:01 pm

Chris Murley wrote:nope, the actual breaker is gone, i personally saw it come down. it was a gray and green building. all thats left are the red coal pockets and washery. check it out on our site.

here ya go, ill save you the trip ;)



where the green and gray conveyor comes out of the pockets that went to the breaker. i think you may be mistaking this building for the breaker. anyways, look at these pics against our old ones.
Yes Chris you are correct I do not know how I missed it Must of had a brain fart I lived here all of my life 4 miles now 8 miles away from the breaker and I think I have the NewsPaper showing them Pulling her down and i think i have photo's to WoW I must be losing it Sorry for the incorrect info I am now going to the refrig and opening one of those long necks A.K.A 16 OZ pounders to drown my sorrows :oops:
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