Maintaining Feed Motor

Maintaining Feed Motor

PostBy: pete8116 On: Sat. Jul. 06, 2013 3:48 pm

I have a new Pioneer Rear Vent and have been beginning to play around with it.
After reading the directions, I found nothing about oiling and maintaining the feed motor.
Is there any?
Also, how is it removed, is it by loosening the two nuts visible from the metal surrounding it?
Another thing I've noticed is that the shaft sticking down from the feed motor
rubs on the housing of the combustion fan. I haven't had time to mention this
to the dealer. I loosened and tilted the combustion fan slightly and it isn't
rubbing but my concern is that over time the vibration will loosen the combustion fan
causing the rubbing and not allow the feed motor operate and prematurely fail.
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Re: Maintaining Feed Motor

PostBy: Matthaus On: Sun. Aug. 25, 2013 6:44 pm

Hi Pete, looks as if no answer was posted here. The feed motor is maintenance free except cleaning it off every season. If it starts making a racket you can usually get a few more years out of it by carefully taking the gear box cover off and redistributing the grease back over the gears (be careful not to get any in the shaft holes, else it won't go back together!).

The shaft can be zipped off with a dremel if you have concerns for it hitting. Once properly aligned and tightened the fan should no longer make contact.

Thanks for purchasing a LL product, we appreciate you! :)
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