Born Before 1970

Re: Born Before 1970

PostBy: I'm On Fire On: Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:34 pm

Den034071 wrote:I was at a school bus stop mother in car waiting for 16 year old to get off .I was in my truck kid got in moms car .Get this she drove to a house 3 doors away an kid went in to there house .What are we raising .Im from 1960s catholic school coal town near Hazleton Pa .We walked to an from school rain snow 1 mile approx .k jack from Coaldale Pa

I pass a house where the bus picks the brat up at the end of the driveway. One cold and snowy morning I'm driving by and the mother drove the kid to the end of it. SHE DROVE HIM TO THE END OF THE DRIVEWAY!! A mere 25 feet.

My wife is always talking about how she's going to take our son two blocks to the bus stop. I always flip out. Let the kid walk. 'Oh..but it's too cold.', Oh well, cold never hurt anyone I always say.
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Re: Born Before 1970

PostBy: michaelanthony On: Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:38 pm

let's not forget the harley davidson trikes spraying D.D.T. in all the sewers in the summer and sprayed from above to quell the mosquitos, and the garbage trucks, not to be confused with the trash pick up, that spewed liquid slime as it drove off, and trickin' out your stingray with a banana seat and a sissy bar,the extended forks that could at times come undone when hitting a curb. Hanging on to the back of a plow trucks bumper and riding it for as long as possible, I have not seen a good snowball fight in years, or a street hockey game, or a wiffleball game.....oh boy I love wiffleball. There are basketball courts in my town with virgin nets 5 yrs. old...boy I could go on all night!
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