More NG than we can handle

Re: More NG than we can handle

PostBy: samhill On: Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:27 pm

Better yet just sit back & wait it worked for the dinosaurs, nothing that goes extinct is needed anyway, do away with the bees & we could pollinate everything by hand then we would all be busy as bees. :lol: I believe that we had fairly good maps of especially the North Pole for a long time now they even went so far as to send expeditions to them thar places & had some military there as well, people lost their lives getting maps & information. CNB, that Pa. crude could also be used to ease the friction when you pl er ah slay yourself as you call it, be careful of your gonna need glasses. :shock: Don't forget it was the Indians that showed where the oil is & they had been using it forever.
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