Concrete Paint/Stain

Re: Concrete Paint/Stain

PostBy: carlherrnstein On: Sat. Aug. 03, 2013 7:26 pm

I think you mean hydrated lime, quicklime is hard to find and dangerous when mixed with water, it gets really hot.
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Re: Concrete Paint/Stain

PostBy: Flyer5 On: Mon. Aug. 05, 2013 5:18 pm

coalnewbie wrote:
Get a few colored tarps of the size needed to cover it up and change them out occasionally.
At least that is short money!

I used tarps before the roof and during Sandy my heavy duty canvas tarp was last seen at 10,000' over Berwick, PA. Dave tried to shoot it down. However, your negativity about coatings is listened to and I'm thinking fence poles and fence 16 x5/4x6" that I buy by the bunk load is not much more expensive and just hide the damned thing. Let the concrete just do it's thing. OK Mr Whistle 2000 tons into this fuel, let's see your storage solution, gotta be a doozy.

Thx everybody for the input.

Is dat what that wuz? It may have a few holes when you get it back. :D toothy
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Re: Concrete Paint/Stain

PostBy: Berlin On: Wed. Aug. 07, 2013 1:09 am

a washing with hydrated lime solution will keep it white for a good while. if it's concrete you want to paint, wash it w/ a nice strong HCL acid solution first and the paint will stick like glue.
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Re: Concrete Paint/Stain

PostBy: whistlenut On: Wed. Aug. 07, 2013 9:42 am

The issues I have had regarding the paint staying attached involved what type of release agent was used on the forms the blocks were cast from. That can be true of walls poured in place or precast. Still think you are lucky if it lasts for an extended period, but these are all very good ideas at extending the life of the paint. :eek2: :crutch: :alone: :doh:
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