So our corrupt and criminal govt has a problem

So our corrupt and criminal govt has a problem

PostBy: coalnewbie On: Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:59 pm

Ben Ghastly is going down the tubes as we learn that another illegal gun running op was going on and Billiary was incompetent, nasty. Now there are people being hidden to bury this. NSM program is in deep trouble so we need to justify their existence so to prove it use we now "discover" from Yeman chatter that lots of stuff is getting blown on Obummers birthday. These towel heads are soo stupid they talk about this raid over the phone and even when they are rumbled they continue with the raids - yeah right. So now a raid has to take place just to prove that at least his nonsense has some use. So an early morning call to Benji Yahoo to get the Mossad to blow something up (anything, please!) as we need a war or at least a major distraction to take the heat off the criminals. It's a shame, baby George, Chloes marriage problems should have distracted the dumb masses but the heat is still building.

It's a shame people have to die tomorrow but $hit happens.
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Re: So our corrupt and criminal govt has a problem

PostBy: franco b On: Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:04 am

So no reply. Why not?

The post is full of your usually very funny satire, but this time no laughs; why not?

Maybe it's too close to gallows humor with us as the victims. A stark picture of how badly we have been gulled. Hard to laugh at the end of a rope. A conundrum and then silence.

Biology has a saying "Life will find a way" in politics it seems that "Venality will find a way".

Where is the "Aristocracy of the virtuous and talented" that Jefferson felt that freedom would bring?

When a clod hopper in the wilds of upper New York State sees it all so clearly, how can the rest of the country and especially its leaders be so blind? We are ignorant of the answer and even of the right question.
franco b
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