Coffee 8-17-13

Re: Coffee 8-17-13

PostBy: Freddy On: Sun. Aug. 18, 2013 7:16 am

Awww, Smitty.....what where you gonna do this morning anyway? <running and hiding>

Geepers Ford! But... I do blame part of it on the American male.. "I want a beasty 4 wheel drive and I want it to ride like a Caddy". When we customers demand, Ford delivers! The ol' leaf spring front ends weren't this way.

Excitement at the lake yesterday..... the next door neighbor has "friends in high places". At about 3PM they had a chance to razz him.....and the whole lake.... and they took that chance and went whole hog. We happened to be standing between the cottage & the water. It was all over in 10 seconds.... First second, the dogs hear something & start barking, the second second we hear, turn, and find ourselves leaning backwards as one blue & white "rescue" Piper cub and one red "stunt plane" Piper cub type planes are belly towards us, not 50 feet away, coming full throttle on down the treeline. Just before they get to us, the stunt plane turns on the white smoke & fogs 1,000 feet of shore..... no misquitoes last night!. I'll tell you what, as they went past, they had to keep banking hard & start going up to clear the trees in the cove, and they just about made it! Holy Moly! The dogs didn't know what to do, the wife was pissed, I was laughing. It was a great moment! I looked next door & the neighbor wasn't even home. An hour or two later he arrived and was with a friend that I had never met. Marty recognized him.... testament to how close they flew past us...he was one of the pilots!! She saw his face before they were fully banked in front of us. Pretty quickly we discovered that the neighbor was the other! LOL
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Re: Coffee 8-17-13

PostBy: lowfog01 On: Sun. Aug. 18, 2013 12:47 pm

Hi everyone,

Boy, have we been having some weird weather! This is the coldest August I can remember. Today we will be lucky to reach 65*. Last week I had the opportunity to transport some youth to our church’s summer camp over in West VA so I decided to bring a load of coal home on the return trip. I still have another trip to make but I sure like walking outside to see a ton of NEPAs finest sitting there.

I’ve had a setback with my largest hive. When I was in Utah it was robbed by another local hive. Bees are very opportunistic and will rob a weaker hive at the drop of a hat. Robbing can be confused with a dearth or a lack of nectar in the wild but the signs that happened aren’t there. In a dearth you notice a decrease in the amount of brood that’s in the hive. The bees will stop producing new bees as the food supply decreases. That’s when the hive begins eating its winter honey.

When I check on this hive it had oddles and oddles of brood - eggs, larva and newbeeies; just not any honey. That’s a classic example of a hive having been robbed. Bummer. There isn’t much I could have done to stop it once it got going but it means I won’t be getting any surplus honey this year. The other hive is new this year so it’s not far enough along to give any honey, either. I’ll be feeding them from here out in the hope I can get them through the winter.

Oh well, that’s how it goes sometime. At least they are still alive. I hope everyone has a great week. Take care, Lisa
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