Pictorial: Changing the burner plates

Pictorial: Changing the burner plates

PostBy: stoker-man On: Thu Jan 03, 2008 6:00 pm

[size=200]Pictorial: Changing the burner plates[/size]

Pictorial: Showing all parts, parts numbers and sequence of assembly


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Sometime during the life of the stoker, it may be necessary to change one or more of the burner plates.

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The burner plate assembly can be seen inside the fire door. There are 6 machine screws with nuts holding the plates to the burner plate holder and 6 machine screws with nuts holding the burner plate holder to the air chamber.

The first step is to remove the 6 bolts and nuts from the outer ring of bolts and nuts and separate the entire assembly from the air chamber. The assembly can be set in the opening of the fire doorway to do the job.

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You can now replace any damaged burner plates. In most cases, all six plates are changed at the same time. There are three rope gaskets which should be replaced at this time. It might not be necessary to replace the shortest gasket found in the gooseneck machining if it is in good condition. The air chamber gasket and burner plate gaskets are held in place with contact cement until the assemblies are bolted down. It is required that the burner plates form a perfect circle at their bottom or it will be very difficult to seat them into the gasket in the gooseneck housing. For further guidance, click the link below and scroll down to the section about installing the burner plates.

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