When can you stain a new deck?

Re: When can you stain a new deck?

PostBy: michaelanthony On: Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:38 am

....oh Douglas ( shaking head and finger wagging ) what you see at home depot and lowes is # 2 or worse or being on the south shore you have Walpole Woodworkers, whom have the backing of " this old house" and are in many publications so they have the ability to rape people with a great big smile on their face! I on the other hand live approx. 40 miles from "Katahdin Cedar Fence" and have had a working relationship with the general manager from a previous job on the north shore of Boston where I was a shop foreman at a high end fence, deck, and gazebo manufacturer. We copied walpole woodworkers and charged 1/3 less and made a ton of money! I am sure pa. and n.y. have many a saw mill and plenty of cedar, Northern Aborvitae,or as some call it "Thuja Occidentalis" :)

the 5/4 was finished dimension, clear and smooth as a baby's behind!
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Re: When can you stain a new deck?

PostBy: JRDepew On: Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:03 am

I did a lot of research on this and ended up using a stain by TWP. I went with the TWP 1501 - Cedartone. Gives a great look and goes down easy. The stain and the application method was highly recommended on contractortalk.com.


Do a wet on wet application, 2 coats. Put your first coat on, then have some old shoes ready, get back on the deck and put a second coat right on top of the first before it dries. This gives the best coverage and the second coat goes on twice as fast as the first. DO NOT wait for the first coat to dry to do a second coat, as the second coat will take over a week to dry and look blotchy. This stuff really seals the wood well.

I applied mine by finding a cheap garden sprayer at a garage sale. Fill this with TWP and pump it up. Have one person spray it on while another follows with a stain pad. I also took a brush and went behind the stain pad to make sure the spaces between boards got enough stain. Here is what mine looked after the stain. I still have to do the railings but the roof is done (not done in this pic).

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