AF Refurb or Be Determined...

Re: AF Refurb or Be Determined...

PostBy: agcowvet On: Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:12 pm

Thanks Rob R., I've been in touch with Scottscoaled.

Stoker unit seems to be very usable. I need to adjust the position of the lower crank (attaches to gearbox) on its shaft, the long con-rod is hitting the end of the shaft during part of its cycle; with con-rod removed it runs beautifully. Gearbox and motor are nearly silent, hardly any play in the pivots. Needs new auger, coal pipe, auger bushing and maybe gooseneck bushing.

Any idea what the maximum ID of the gooseneck bushing is before it's considered worn out?

Oh yeah, and real shear pins don't look like nails, right :lol: Are those a stock hardware-store item or specific to efm?
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