Pictorial: Pipe and Worm Package

Pictorial: Pipe and Worm Package

PostBy: stoker-man On: Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:39 pm

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9437879K Split pipe coupling
9451015K Standard pipe coupling

The short and long pipes are joined by a choice of two types of couplers. The pipe coupling shipped with a new unit is a standard solid coupling and the optional pipe coupling is a 2-piece split coupling. The split coupling is a better choice for an environment where rusting will join the pipe to the coupling. The short pipe and long pipe are pushed all the way into each half of the coupling and secured with set screws. Any gap between the end of the pipe and flange of the coupling will result in the grinding of coal which puts additional stress on the worms and results in broken shear pins.

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9433748 Worm coupling
The worm coupling is a left hand thread, as are the worm threads.

1 worm set.jpg
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From left to right:

9441347 Intermediate worm
9441326 Burner worm
9441327 Bin Feed worm
9434748 Burner end pipe - Aluminum
9434748-1 Burner end pipe - Stainless Steel
9433752-1 Bin Feed pipe - Stainless Steel
9433752 Bin Feed pipe - Schedule 40 Steel

The aluminum burner end pipe is standard. Aluminum is used to facilitate removal from the gooseneck, where a steel pipe might rust and seize in the gooseneck. A stainless steel pipe is used in corrosive environments or where heavy duty use is required.

The intermediate worm is used where a longer feed pipe is required.

The end of the bin feed worm should extend about 3 inches beyond the end of the pipe in the coal bin. More than that will result in grinding of the coal.

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9433986 Burner worm bushing; replaceable
82808 #2 Groove pin; secures bushing to the worm
Hand Fed Coal Boiler: 1981 efm wcb-24 in use 365 days a year
Coal Size/Type: Anthracite/Chestnut
Other Heating: Hearthstone wood stove