Power Equipment Fuel Economy

Power Equipment Fuel Economy

PostBy: gaw On: Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:20 pm

I have been tracking fuel usage in my automobiles and power equipment for over ten years and thought I would post the figures for the mowers and tractor here in case anyone is curious. Maybe others do the same and wish to share.
1. Self-propelled mower, mechanical drive, thirty-six inch deck, side discharge, old style L head Briggs & Stratton 12 hp engine. 1.88 hours per gallon

2. Self-propelled mower, hydrostatic drive, thirty-six inch deck, grass catcher with blower, single cylinder Kawasaki OHV 13 hp engine. 1.53 hours per gallon

3. John Deere 4 wheel drive compact tractor, standard transmission, three cylinder Yanmar diesel engine, 26 hp gross. 2.10 hours per gallon
These figures are mostly to satisfy my curiosity. There is really nothing I can do to improve them much except maybe mow more often. toothy toothy I always buy premium gas for the gas engines and add Sta-Bil and Mystery Oil to the gas. Diesel fuel is treated with Howes Diesel Treat.

The diesel tractor seems to be far more efficient than the gas mowers but the tractor gets a lot of hours doing things that do not demand a lot of power output from the engine. If memory serves me the engine is rated at about one gallon per hour at something like 90% output. The gas mowers are getting more hours under a greater load percentage than the tractor.
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Re: Power Equipment Fuel Economy

PostBy: Rob R. On: Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:38 am

I used to own Massey Ferguson 4wd compact tractor with a 23 hp diesel and a 60" mowing deck. While mowing it averaged 0.5 gallons per hour, or 2 hours per gallon. It had a hydrostatic transmission, and was a great running little tractor...but the design of the mowing deck was poor. If the grass was even slightly damp it would clump in the deck and make the engine work hard.

I now mow with a John Deere zero turn mower. 31 hp gasoline engine, 72" deck. This thing is an animal. It reduced my seat time by 60%, and mows cleanly even with a set of blades that are overdue for replacement. When I first got it the fuel economy was about 2 gallons per hour...thankfully after it broke in that figure improved. Depending on how heavy the grass is, it seems to average about 1.5 gallons per hour.

I recently started using 91 octane gasoline with no ethanol in all my power equipment. It seems to run better, and I KNOW the gasoline will store better than standard 87 oct. with 10% ethanol.
Rob R.
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