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PostBy: kstills On: Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:12 am

lephturn wrote:Holy Moly I would love a picture of the outdoor boiler . I am going to install a coal boiler in November. Any chance this will be available in NOV?
I was looking at the WL-110 but like the idea of remote system. I have some Q's about the 110 in the interm. How does it do when fired in the summer for domestic H.W.W? Can it be ordered without a oil burner?
Thank You


I ran mine all summer for HW, used about 1.5 tons of coal for the summer. I did not recalibrate the boiler settings to take advantage of my bypass on my primary loop, so I was heating ~52 gallons of water full time instead of just the WL 110. I would expect that it would use quite a bit less coal to run the coil then the way I have it running.

I have a boilermate hooked into the system, so I'm not using the coil either. Let's me run at a lower boiler temperature overall.
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