Thinking of These Two Coal Stoves as Purchases

Re: Thinking of These Two Coal Stoves as Purchases

PostBy: badlegdave On: Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:13 am

I went to a train show recently and walked through a caboose. Spoke to the cabooseman giving information and he told me that the Union Stove Works stove that they had in the caboose (manufacturer of my toasted stove). I thought it would be trick to have a caboose stove so I started looking. He mentioned that Estate was also similar to the Union Stove. This stove is in Michigan and that makes it cost impossible to get to NJ. Yes, I know that it bolts to the floor. I bet it is a real machine. I wonder how I could find one at a reasonable price locally. A train bone yard? Know of anything like this? I should contact the organization that restores equipment in Boonton, NJ. I do not recall the name.
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Re: Thinking of These Two Coal Stoves as Purchases

PostBy: Vinmaker On: Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:14 pm

I burned a Russo for over 15 years and it was absolutely excellent. When it came time to upgrade to a larger stove, the closest thing I could find to it was the Harman that I now own. I loved the vent tubes that were designed to go thru the top of the fire box (the hottest section). It really was able to move heat into the room. The Russo is also a welded stove and not made from panels like some other stoves. The grates and shaker works well for removing ash. You will not be disappointed in the Russo.
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