96 month auto loans

Re: 96 month auto loans

PostBy: SMITTY On: Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:28 pm

Greg Smith is great - that's where I got my toolbox, tire balancer, and bike lift. Great quality stuff, and they actually stock parts for the stuff they sell. 8-)

Lift is definitely next on the agenda. Need one bad. I waste more time with jackstands, plywood, and jacks - the lift would pay for itself in no time. Been eyeballing a garage-in-a-box to put it in. No property taxes, as it's considered movable. 8-)
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Re: 96 month auto loans

PostBy: david78 On: Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:46 pm

In the 40 years I have been driving I have only bought one new vehicle; my first. It was a 1978 Toyota truck I paid $4800 for and it came with a free moped. :lol: Since then it's always been used. Now I buy old and pay cash; haven't had a car payment in 10 years. Liability insurance only. I can't see spending big bucks just to have something to haul my butt from point A to point B. There's plenty of better things to spend money on IMO.
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