Chubby - Ways to Maximize Burn Time

Re: chubby - Ways to maximize burn time

PostBy: nortcan On: Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:47 pm

nortcan wrote:Don't forget if you can , to get as many photos as possible from the 2014 models..


Once I go down to the Chubby plant I will post what I can.. I am picking up a second Chubby for myself. Safe to say I have been developing a rather sever case of "Chubbyitis" the past couple of years. Worse things to have!

One thing I can tell you is the development of a new "Chubby Coal Furnace". A stand alone unit. Don't know the exact timetable on it but I will try to find out. I have seen the mock up and it looks great! The new blower Chubby's are awesome as well as the regular Chubby's. Of course Chubby's still look the same but lots of little details like laser cutting make the new units just POP! There are also some new stoves in the works as well as the relaunch of the Chubby Jr and a good chance the Brickstone model will be back. Jr's are slated for next season. I would love to own a Brickstone myself. Funny I have NEVER seen a Brickstone come up for sale either. AND I LOOK online for them everyday. People just don't let go of them. :mad:

Thanks and same as you for the Brickstone model. First time I saw a photo from it I sent an email to Larry but they were unavailable then. Salutations my friend.
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