What Is This? Will It Work?

What is this? Will it work?

PostBy: Muss44 On: Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:30 pm

My brother recently puchased a home with what I beleive is a Johnson wood/coal stove to heat his home. I am looking for any info on it. He started a coal fire and it is working, but it will not shake. It seems like the grate is jammed. I am not sure if he has a piece of coal wedged in there or even if the grates were ok before he started a fire. I beleive that he is going to let it go out at the end of this week when it will get warmer to check the status of the grates. The previous owner burned lots of wood in it and I am concerned that there may be warping. Without the manual or any info, I am not even sure what style of shaker grates this stove has. Below is some pics. Thanks in advance!
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Re: What is this? Will it work?

PostBy: Lightning On: Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:49 am

It appears to be another Clayton/US Stove furnace with another name (Johnson).. I see it uses the same exact shaker grates that my Clayton uses. Its important that the grates function properly, otherwise he won't have a coal fire burning very long. Coal produces a substantial amount of ash, without a way to shake it out of the coal bed it will quickly (over the course of a few days at best) choke the fire.

Its very possible the prior owner warped the grates and/or grate frame. I saw a grate that a fellow co worker warped so badly it was destroyed. It had sagged into a "U" shape due to continuous over firing and neglect to keep the ash pan cleaned out.
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