Pex Tubing Temp Rating

Re: Pex Tubing Temp Rating

PostBy: RAYJAY On: Sun. Nov. 03, 2013 12:51 am

no its pin holing from outside in not on a joint, just where ever you get a chunk of coal dust it will pin hole I blow the room down now wit a fan in the window it helps,

but 2nd owner on house so some of the damage is all ready done..... thank god for shark bites there a good bridge till you can fix in the summer[/quote]

Have you tried using the (cheap) pipe insulation? BTW, you should be using the thicker copper piping for hydronic runs (m/l)[/quote]

did not do the install of the boiler it was here when I bought the house, and it ran like *censored* the first year ...( moved in the house in November did not try pipe insulation it might help not getting sprayed in the eye when it pin holes :lol:
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