How Do You Determine Someone's Immigration Status? (Home Con

How Do You Determine Someone's Immigration Status? (Home Con

PostBy: NJJoe On: Thu. Nov. 07, 2013 10:34 am

I own a condo located about 250 miles from where I live and I'm in between tenants. Its been about 10 years since the place was painted so I figured I would get the place painted before a new one signs the lease.

I've had a few painters come in and give me estimates. All have been recommended to me by friends/family/associates etc... All of the estimates are close to one another and separated by $1000. The lowest guy wants $2500 and the most expensive guy wants $3500. Then I had another guy estimate my place and he lowballed the rest of them and quoted me for $1000! None of the contractors know the other's estimates.

The $1000 guy barely speak English, in fact I had to explain exactly what I wanted in Spanish. I know through the person who recommended him that he has family in Ecuador and sends $ to them regularly. My source also reported that he lives in a "boarding house" with his family where each family/person gets 1 room yet the whole house shares 2 bathrooms and a kitchen.

I now this may be the most obvious thing that he is an illegal but how do I find out? I'm not trying to profile but if the shoe fits...

The guy's work is top notch. I've had the chance to inspect past places that he has painted and his lines are straight with no mess or streaks on the walls. Everybody who has used him was happy. Plus his price is extremely attractive when compared to everyone else.

I'm assuming he has no insurance and possibly doesn't report taxes which reduces his overhead and that's how he prices much lower. But none of that proves his immigration status. So how do I find out?

Re: How Do You Determine Someone's Immigration Status? (Home Con

PostBy: Billyirons On: Thu. Nov. 07, 2013 11:13 am

Immigration Status? Just ask. He should be more than willing to show you his papers!
(Unless he is illegal.) The Government requires YOU to to be sure before hiring anyone!
(Remember some cases of illegal nannies/housekeepers?)
But just as important- you absolutely need:
A written contract
Written proof for liability insurance
Written proof for workman's compensation insurance
I know it is more expensive- but:
Is it worth the risk of being cheated with no contract and no legal recourse?
Is it worth the risk of your condo being burned or damaged?
Is it worth the risk of a worker getting injured and YOU supporting
him. (Maybe forever?)
Be careful out there!
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