Harmon stoker stoves with AK coal

Harmon stoker stoves with AK coal

PostBy: Short Bus On: Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:18 pm

I don't own a Harman stoker stove but I've heard they didn't approve Alaska Sub-Bituminous coal, but then I find this, news in stewart ak

I don't understand what he is talking about as far as creosote in the chimney, I've never experienced creosote with Alaska coal.

I looked at Harman stoker stove pictures and they really look similar to my underfeed stoker, coal goes up and air is blown into it, and then fire.

I realize this article is not a glowing approval or authorization of coal in a Harmon.
Short Bus
Stoker Coal Boiler: Kewanee boiler with Anchor stoker
Coal Size/Type: Chestnut / Sub-bituminous C
Other Heating: Propane wall furnace back up only

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