Terra Cotta as Vent Pipe?

Re: Terra Cotta as Vent Pipe?

PostBy: kstills On: Tue. Nov. 12, 2013 11:16 am

Richard S. wrote:Galvanized is standard installation for a boiler. If you are using the boiler year round the corrosion won't be a big issue, you'll get at least 10 years out them and that's a very conservative estimate. You can figure about 5 years otherwise, be sure to disassemble at the end of the season. Wash them out with baking soda and water and store in dry place.

Well, it runs year round, but I am seeing rust on the bottom of one of the sections.

I'm going to replace it and see where the rust is coming from, it may have been from the replumbing work I had done this past spring. If the interior looks good, I probably don't have a problem. However, long term, and because I have non-technical folks living in the house, I will want to make an installation that is more resistant to corrosion than the galvanized.
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