feeding help English Setter

feeding help English Setter

PostBy: Den034071 On: Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:51 pm

Guys im 67 have a Ryman type setter .Large 81 pounds 6 years old.Was neutered due to testicle up in scrotum vets recommendation .We walk on a open farm 45 minutes a day he can run there no cars .i Hunt 2 preserves at least once or 2 times a week .Problem on 3 ,25 3an a quarter to 3ab an half of food I can not see his ribs .Id say hes overweight .About half of food is a baked chicken no skin an half Purina dry dog food .For snack I cook lima beans an carrots .He is always begging for food .This is my fourth Ryman since 18 since 1970s .Just forgot I mean cups of food .My other 3 setters were lean an in 65 pound range a smaller dog .Please any an all comments I welcome jack Den034071
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Re: feeding help English Setter

PostBy: ONEDOLLAR On: Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:57 pm


Do your English Setters have a "split" or "double nose"? I had 2 E. Setters as a kid. Great dogs and GREAT Hunting dogs too.

Never saw my dogs ribs. Can you post a pic or two? Cut out some of the chicken and add some more veggies. My Black Lab LOVES carrots and broccoli and we buy him both every week.
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