Restoring my Wehrle 112 Acme Sunburst Baseburner

Re: Restoring my Wehrle 112 Acme Sunburst Baseburner

PostBy: BPatrick On: Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:07 pm

This is going to be phenomenal when this is completed. I love seeing quality work being carried on. First when they were built, back then people took pride in their work, and now your carrying on the tradition. Can't wait to see the finished pictures.
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Re: Restoring my Wehrle 112 Acme Sunburst Baseburner

PostBy: nortcan On: Tue Feb 25, 2014 1:18 pm

Yes, fantastic restoration job. So nice to see the evolution, but I just hope to see that beauty burning soo.
I feel sad wen I see restoration jobs completed but NEVER see the sove anymore :(
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Re: Restoring my Wehrle 112 Acme Sunburst Baseburner

PostBy: vfw3439 On: Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:34 pm

jubileejerry wrote:
SWPaDon wrote:I'll tell you what...............

I wouldn't want to be in jubileejerry's shoes. That man has documented every part of this rebuild!

Can you imagine the pressure on this man to not only attempt this , but to document it with photos. Lord god almighty.............I wouldn't have attempted it.

You sir are one hell of an artist and my hat goes off to you.

I just hope that you and your brother don't stop here, because you are one hell of a team. And I hope that other people realize that you may have missed your calling................................

All of you are very kind. I really enjoy what I do, and this is special because it's my own and I wanted something that can "showcase" what we do at our shop. People actually do hire us to do things like this for them, but it's mostly tractors. We do have a '31 Ford Model A in the shop right now though. I didn't join this forum to drum up business, I just have the idea that a build thread like this ought to be thorough and show all the steps it takes, not just the good stuff. How else will someone learn from it? If anyone is interested, my website is I need to update the pictures but I don't know how. The person who built the website moved away and I need to contact him to get help and put some newer photos on the site. Anyway, this is just for your entertainment, not to get any business. Thanks for letting me hang out here. Jerry

I wish you were closer. I have a 1949 Ford 8N that needs to be restored. Chad
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Re: Restoring my Wehrle 112 Acme Sunburst Baseburner

PostBy: northernmainecoal On: Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:59 am

Beautiful restoration job! You must be close to burning some coal in that by now?
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Re: Restoring my Wehrle 112 Acme Sunburst Baseburner

PostBy: jubileejerry On: Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:52 am

northernmainecoal wrote:Beautiful restoration job! You must be close to burning some coal in that by now?

I wish I was, but progress is slow. I have found more cracks as I bead-blasted the parts and have been concentrating on making everything safe to use. I have to work slowly because I can't move around very well and standing up is difficult, but it's getting better. I was involved in an accident on my '74 Electra Glide last June where a lady with a suspended driver's license and a borrowed car made a left turn directly in front of me at about 40mph. I came close to not making it and nearly lost the lower part of my left leg. I am finally learning to walk again after 9 surgeries and skin grafts.
Thank you for the compliment, and I will be posting more progress soon. I'm at a point where I can start to think about re-assembly. One major headache turned out to be the lower ash pan which had a long crack in it and when I tried to weld it the way it was designed made it warp like a lp record left in the sun. I might have to fabricate a replacement. I don't want to try to work with the original one any more because it's still in one piece and could be recast if someday I find a way to have it done. For now, I think the right thing to do is make a substitute and save the original. Jerry
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