Great Coal Dealer

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Great Coal Dealer

PostBy: JohnnyV On: Sat Dec 14, 2013 2:03 pm

Just wanted to share.

I wanted to get a couple of buckets of pea coal to try and mix with the nut coal. The dealer wasn't there so I called as he really has no set hours. He was on his way back and about an hour away trying to beat the impending winter storm. He said he would be back in an hr if I needed a load. I told him just a couple of buckets of pea coal to try a mix with the nut. He said just go back and get it and we will even up when you come for a load next month.

He also made good on a load of coal last year. He tried a new place and when I took three 5 gallons of rock back to him out of that batch (only burned about 20 buckets) he said he is getting another load from his original supplier next week, come and get a load on the house. It is such a rare quality now a days to find someone so trusting, yet alone someone that makes good on a situation.

He is a coal truck driver and is always going out around hard coal country, so when he runs low, he just brings a load back with him. Never had a problem just running over and getting coal.
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