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Re: Affluenza

PostBy: Rwalker On: Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:43 pm

samhill wrote:How in the world can you inject this as a liberal or conservative thing? This is a wealthy against non wealthy, if you look up this judges record she has put plenty of young boys in juvenile jails for a lot lesser crimes. IMO it's just another case of going back to the old days of the reason ours & many other countries have so many good laws. The trouble is we as a nation have allowed laws to be changed way too far & even made to exclude some while not others. :mad:

Because for the most part, liberals are limp wristed, tree hugging, peace on earth, give your kid a time out, hand everyone a trophy for "doing their best" kind of people... :P
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Re: Affluenza

PostBy: samhill On: Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:07 pm

Yes, it's a small world after all, all that is needed is a small closed mind. Funny how this country has got by all these decades without much of a problem & now (for whatever reason ) it's all a liberals fault when it's been the cons in power for most of the last few decades. Look around & use your brain for awhile, it isn't all one sided & never has been. :cry:
Guess you haven't read but that kid, both parents & the judge are all republicans, well the kid isn't yet but can't you somehow see a pattern there? What I said was it doesn't matter what party they are to the families of those involved, everything is not one side or the other unless you just can't accept it for some reason.
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Re: Affluenza

PostBy: Rwalker On: Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:35 pm

I think I have only caught more fish with space monkeys and smoking roosters...
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