Restoring my new to me 404

Re: Restoring my new to me 404

PostBy: dcrane On: Mon Dec 30, 2013 7:57 am

ddahlgren wrote:I played with drilling the tabs to remove the broken door ins and it seems impossible to get a straight shot at them with a pretty normal 3/8 hand drill. The body hits the stove side and does not allow a straight shot at it. I am up for ideas short of welding that will be costly no matter how it is done. At the end of the day I am running out of money so need a creative solution.

we used a small pneumatic drill, but as i explained in previous posts if you have a welding machine simply grind of the whole shootin' match, make a new tab (with pins installed or hole drilled in it first), lay the stove on its back, place the doors as you want them (no gasket installed), 1/16 spacer on hinge side and weld em' on in place and with the doors on it. (i told you it was gonna be your biggest hurdle... but you can do this)! :up:
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