Federal Judge rules that the NSA spying on everyone is legal

Re: Federal Judge rules that the NSA spying on everyone is legal

PostBy: Vermonster On: Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:22 pm

We need more "commeners" in office. Congress is so out of touch with reality its flat out sickening. We definatly need some change real quick. One of the problems is the 2 party system. For example I always vote for candidates that support the 2nd amendment and agree it has nothing to do with hunting. That candidate will get my vote for that issue alone and usually is republican candidate. Other than that we have don't have much in common for say. What do they know about when your mortgage is due but you need to pay for your property tax that month? Short answer is, they don't. The normal Joe working man or women are finding it costs so much more to live this day. I am so sick of what is going on in DC. If it were up to me I would give them all pinkslips and start from scratch. My grandfather has been gone for some time, he was just a good hard working Yankee dairy farmer. He used to tell me"The world spins on a metal shaft that has bearings made of money and the bearings are lubricated by the blood of the working man". You were right gramp, you were right.
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