What Do I Have Here?

Re: What Do I Have Here?

PostBy: jpete On: Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:59 pm

Lightning wrote:
jpete wrote:Just went and shook the fire down. I had red bits falling almost immediately so that's a little better then normal and I had blue ladies dancing which is impressive after only an hour and a 1/4 turn on the air intake.

I don't believe coal would have done that.(in this stove. YMMV)

Hows the coke burning?
Can you get some pics? 8-)

Making plans to get more. Maybe the whole pile(1 ton+).

It looks more or less the same when it's burning but seems to burn hotter, longer than coal.

Back when you could commonly buy coal and coke, what would have been more expensive?

Why would someone want one over the other?
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Coal Size/Type: Stove, Nut, Pea
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