Scranton Stove Works base heater salvage

Re: Scranton Stove Works base heater salvage

PostBy: rustyrelics On: Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:06 am

heres whats left of the baseburner bottom plate. just the rim remains and its in 2 pieces and missing a section. center is completely gone. that rim is enough to rebuild the stove on. we're going to weld it back together, put in a small piece thats missing on edge, then put sheet steel in the center. not going to weld the center in, just finger tight bolt it so it can move expand/contract like a bearing or bushing, when it heats up. possibly use a gasket on it. that ridge all around the edge on the bottom plate is what holds the 4 sides of the ash pan and base heater compartment assembly together when assembling the stove. it has to be repaired even if the base heater function is removed.


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