Surdiac Burn Time

Surdiac Burn Time

PostBy: AGSurfer11 On: Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:46 am

Wasn't quite sure where to post this, so I figured I'd just post in General Discussion, apologies in advance if I should have put it someplace else...

This is my second season burning my Surdiac, last year went pretty smooth with a few minor bumps along the way and a little bit of a learning curve. Last year I was averaging burn times of about 12-16 hours without having to tend to the stove. It has a gravity fed hopper, so once there is a nice bed going, you fill it up and forget about it, come back 12-16 hours later, shake down the ashes, top off the hopper, good for another 12-16...

I'll cut to the chase - New Years Eve I was headed out and knew I was going to be staying out for the night, so I was figuring that I'd get home about 24 hours later to a cold stove that would need to be fired up again. I shook it down real good so that you could just barely make out some glowing red embers - I could see them glowing from the bottom side by looking through the ash pan access doors, but you couldn't see much from the top side when looking through the glass on the front door. Topped off the hopper, turned the "thermostat" way down - so low that I ignored the numbers on the dial and just looked at the small damper door on the back of the stove that controls the air flow into the fire box. I dialed it back so that the damper was just barely open, left the house and crossed my fingers....

Well, to my surprise I got home last night around 9pm (a full 28 hours later) to a stove that was still warm, still burning, all I needed to do was shake it down, top off the hopper and I was good to go...

Not boasting or bragging, just hoping to let others out there know that, if prepared properly (and with a little luck), you might be able to leave the stove for a full day without having to come home and experience the "joy" of getting another fire lit.

I don't know how it is for others, but shoveling out all the unburned coal from the hopper, shoveling out all the ashes, getting a fire going again - it takes a bit of time and isn't all that much fun. Needless to say I was happy I was able to avoid it...

Happy New Year. :D
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PostBy: coochy77 On: Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:37 pm

Hi There,
I also have an old Surdiac. I Bought it new in 1984 and have been using it every winter since. No doubt its a excellent stove and it keeps my 2400 SQF home nice and comfy. You are getting excellent burn time on your Surdiac. I just want you to know that its not only the stove but the quality of coal your using. I myself have been buying coal from the same place for almost 30 years, unfortunately the company I buy from have changed hands 2 years ago. The coal quality I get now is not very good. I get 5-6 hour burn times with a lot of ash. I have to turn the stove down all the way before I go to bed or the stove will be out the next morning. I can tell you this really sucks. I used to be able to burn 8-12 hours no problem when I had good coal. I live on Long Island and buy from Bethlehem coal Co. Not sure what I can do to insure a better burn time with so-so coal. glad your having success with your Surdiac.

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PostBy: AGSurfer11 On: Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:57 pm

Hi Larry,

Glad to hear there are some fellow LI'ers out there burning coal, I know there aren't many of us... :D

For what it's worth, I got 2 tons from Rella Coal over in Medford, seems to be pretty good so far - nice, full, complete burn, nice light ash, long burns...

Earlier this season I was having a hard time controlling the rate/temp that the stove was burning at, so I replaced the gasket on the ash pan door, I think that may have really helped.

Good luck and enjoy the burn. :D
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Re: Surdiac Burn Time

PostBy: mcrchap On: Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:46 pm

My son operates 2 surdiac stoves to heat his house. The Surdiac guy in Lancaster told him that the chimney outlet for them should be no bigger than 4". They don't need much draft to operate and you'll get more heat. His biggest frustration is good coal since Harmony Mines closed. They sell coal at the former Harmony yard but it's not from the Harmony mine. He has to tend his stoves more frequently and that does not make him any too happy.
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