New High-Tech Ammo Lowers Miss Probability Under Stress

Re: New High-Tech Ammo Lowers Miss Probability Under Stress

PostBy: samhill On: Wed. Jan. 29, 2014 7:51 pm

RW, I won't even go there you see all & no all you should be on the Tonight Show. There were a few I knew that truly enjoyed killing & there are probably a few now, a very few. It's more the civilian want to be's than tend to scare me, all I ever said was you can't take away the human factor.
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Re: New High-Tech Ammo Lowers Miss Probability Under Stress

PostBy: Sunny Boy On: Fri. Apr. 11, 2014 7:28 pm

Rwalker wrote:
samhill wrote:Wow! A lot of you guys really missed out, I got all the training I ever or was it never really wanted & even got paid a little for it. As a bonus if you went to the right or was it wrong place you got more than enough stress & had others shooting back at you, what more could one want? The reality is I have seen combat experienced men for some reason all of a sudden freeze & quit returning fire, it's the human element & all the training or experience can't change that. There's still time for you young enough, always looking for a few good men & women, still can't get use to that last part. ;)

I am going to go out on a limb here and say enlisting in the military in "your day", going through basic, and getting tossed into Vietnam probably did little to prepare someone for a home invasion/violent crime scenario. Many men went that had no desire to go. Just a hunch, but when the government drags you into a war you have no desire to be in you probably are only thinking of a few things. Those being #1-getting home and #2-not getting shot.

Big difference between the training they received and say the training professional soldiers receive today. Those who enjoy the job of killing, and this is just a guess, are most likely less apt to "freeze up and quit returning fire". The Special Forces type who eat, sleep, and breathe the business of ending lives.

Your entire Military tirade has become old and dried up. Many of us cannot enlist due to medical reasons. That doesn't make you any better then anyone else. With all your expert military training I would put my skills with a firearm, edged weapons, and in survival up against yours any day of the week. And I am just a lowly civilian.

I fear, however, that the liberal in you might have shook all that military training loose.

Pray that you never have to go through what Sam has. Where he was there were no political parties, just the living and the dead.

And if he only remembers 10% of it, it would still make most "lowly civilians" s&it themselves if they suddenly found themselves in the same type of situations.

It's one thing to study self defense, it's whole other world that can't be fathomed, to face others who are as equally trained, willing, and able to kill you, and they're coming at you shooting. Training is all you have when bullets are cracking past your ears, and the pressure waves from high explosives going off around are pounding at your senses.

Pray you never have to have that level of training, much less get called on to use it.

And that's why the best black belts don't get PTSD.

Sunny Boy
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