Direct Connect Combustion Air - Wood Gun

Direct connect combustion air - Wood Gun

PostBy: pontypool On: Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:18 pm

I have an E100 AHS Wood Gun, almost ready for first firing.
It is installed in the basement of my house. To minimize cold air in the basement I would like to attach a 5 inch steel cold air duct directly to the wood gun combustion air box. I would do this by first elbowing from the wood gun combustion air box to the basement floor, then up to the floor joints and then travelling between the joints, through the foundation to outside.
Spent combustion gases will exit via a proper bricked chimney with a clay flue, lined with a 6 inch rigid 24 gauge stainless liner.

Is this a bad idea, any better suggestions?
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Re: Direct connect combustion air - Wood Gun

PostBy: greenftechn On: Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:35 pm

Ducting cold, outside air into the intake of the Wood Gun can work well. You will get some chilling effect on the refractory, but good procedures otherwise will make this a non-issue.

The most important of these, relevant to what you are planning, is that when you are starting a cold boiler, always start with a small load of dry wood, piled no higher than the bottom of the door frame. Keep that flame concentrated on the refractory, so that you heat it up as your first priority.
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