Keystoker Problems Please Help!

Re: Keystoker Problems Please Help!

PostBy: Brentski On: Thu. Jan. 23, 2014 10:15 pm

tikigeorge wrote:Do you have the new flat bed or the older tapered bed? I have the tapered bed so I hope this helps.

I have a KA 6. And the gear box leak oil after the second year. The leak was on the covers on the sides. I got new gaskets, cleaned the surfaces and use a marine grade gasket adhesive, only because I had it, and it is ok now. As for the coal issue if the shaft isn't slipping it may be bad coal.
Have you cleaned under the grate. Remove the small blower and look inside.

I think I have a flat grate?
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Re: Keystoker Problems Please Help!

PostBy: dlite On: Thu. Jan. 23, 2014 10:45 pm

It won't be much. Grate should be completely smooth when cleaning is done.
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Re: Keystoker Problems Please Help!

PostBy: oilman On: Fri. Jan. 24, 2014 12:50 pm

I have noticed this problem lately, most of the cases were way too much draft, the others were all the same brand of coal. It seems the grates have to be super smooth for it this year or it won't slide. Have no idea why - I never had problems with it before.
I was out on one last night, the coal just would'nt move.........I cleaned the grate off and it was much better. This guy was using the same coal we have been having problems with.

Re: Keystoker Problems Please Help!

PostBy: Dirty Steve On: Fri. Jan. 24, 2014 1:18 pm


Can't remember exactly on the red nut. 10, or 11, or 12. I have my pins set a little squirely. I have five or six pins in the timer- each as a single and spreadout equally. Around 7 minutes maybe between each pin- maybe. So they run 15 seconds. On a 70 degree fall day with no wind- it maintains 1-1.5 inches of hot red coals straight across the stocker bed and the rest was ash. Tweeked perfect. Would run all summer like that. Tried four pins- would go out in the summer or warm spring- fall day without heat calls. Should I turn the nut up in colder weather. I don't know? It does not run all the time. I was ramming coal when I went to bed last with three zones pulling and five were pulling when I got up. Did It ever stop? I don't know. House is 70 degrees and Mamma Bear ain't complaining about being cold. Windy- temp was Zero. Should I adjust my red nut? Not if I don't need the heat. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't have to change a single setting regardless of outside temp and have no high limits. In the spring or fall I have opened the "window thermastat" on rare occasions. An yes, Stoyell's coal has always burned hot over the last four seasons. Keep track of that leak and fix in off season. Warrantee work if you can get it. The coal I had the last two years from Stoyell would klinker pretty good and hang off the end of the stoker bed occasionally. I developed a habit of checking it twice a day, taking a small stoking shovel from a fireplace set and knocking the entire ash into the pan. It kept it going. Plus I could see the coal fire twice a day and sneak an adult beverage from the basement fridge if I felt it necessary. :D Check the stoker plates to make sure there is nothing interrupting the flow.

Dirty Steve
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