Need Help With a Chimney

Re: Need Help With a Chimney

PostBy: LsFarm On: Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:48 am

Thechap, keep an eye open for a good used coal stove,, a coal stove will burn wood just fine, but will be very heavy-duty for the job...

I'm with 'berlin'. Spend the $ on a good chimney... You can sleep better with a nice layer of masonry and terracotta lining between you,your house and the heat in the chimney... I've had a creosote chimney fire.... I thought I was dealing with a runaway freight train crossed with a fire=breathing dragon... luckly I didn't burn down my house... but I really messed up my wood stove... it never was the same..

Safety first... every corner I've cut, I ended up going back and fixing and doing over again..

If you are physically able, a masonry chimney is NOT difficult to put up... I put up mine, by myself, often in the bucket of the loader tractor, way up in the air... a bit 'sporting' but I got it done, and I'm no 'spring chicken' anymore...

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