Coffee 1/30/2014

Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: Freddy On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 6:05 am

And now it IS Saturday! Of course the door is always open. Some people even know the coffee pot is always hot & fresh. Every 19 minutes...a fresh pot. *smile*

OK.... let's start this weekend with some French toast & bacon. There's still real maple syrup in the door of the fridge. Enjoy! Tomorrow is Ground hogs day.... tradition says we are half way through the winter season. We should have half our coal left and the farmers should have half their hay. I wish that were true for everyone. It's been a tough winter on fuel. I'm seeing a lot of people scrambling to get more fuel. Even though we save a lot of money by burning coal, it's still a big chunk of the budget. Around here the number of people requesting fuel assistance is way above normal. Maybe, just maybe, we'll have a quick and powerful Spring?

I got the new timer installed for the boiler. I inspected and tested the bad one. All the gears and bearings were in good shape, it was an electrical issue. The clock used the finest copper wire known to man in the windings & it tested with zero continuity. I' guessing a factory defect that too 6 years to show up? I was glad to see that the gears were not worn at all. If the windings hold up it should be a 20 year timer.

Hug your loved ones & enjoy the weekend.
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: ricoman2737 On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 7:17 am

Good morning folks,
Coffee sounds good Freddy, I'll take a rain check on the french toast. I'm meeting some coal burners for breakfast at 7am. I hope we're on the down hill side of winter.
Everybody have a great weekend and stay safe. - John
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: lowfog01 On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:03 am

Morning all,
i always find it notable how dark it is here - in North Georgia - at 6am versus how light it is at 6am at home. I never think about how much further east DC is due to how the coast curves eastward as you move north. It always surprised me. In my defense, they are pretty close to the time zone line here.

It’s my last day here and it’s a busy one if not very exciting. Mom and I are doing general errands and then we are going out to lunch with my sisters and their families. After that I’m driving to Atlanta for the night and catching an earlier plane home in the morning. I don’t see any weather problems going home.

The bees should be flying as well this weekend as the hive begins to wake up for the spring Honey flow. The queen will resume laying eggs any day now and the number of bees will grow. I’ll have to watch things closely the next few months as the winter fades to spring; cold snaps and fluctuating temperatures are deadly for the new bees.

I hope all is well in your corner of the Northeast PA crossroads. Take care, Lisa
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: GA cracker On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:14 am

You are making me a little homesick. I can taste the chili dogs from the Varsity in ATL.
GA cracker
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: freetown fred On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:41 am

Mornin all, damn, I guess doin that 2160 lbs of bagged NUT wore me out more then I thought--haven't slept this late in a long time--1000 lb left to get today & she's done. I'll have a good jump on next season. Coffee is outstanding Freddy--great to wash these 2 ALEVE down :clap: toothy Oh well, gotta get it in gear. Have a good WARMER week-end people
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freetown fred
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: Rob R. On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:45 am

Looking good Fred, that's what I call being READY.
Rob R.
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: Freddy On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 9:36 am

freetown fred wrote:2160 lbs of bagged NUT

Good thing you have a concrete porch!
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: 009to090 On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 9:42 am

Early coffee! Fantastic! Its been a colldddd long week.
Stoves running flat out, and this old screen house remained above 65F. Gotta love it. :)
Our 10year old Washer broke down 3 weeks ago. Drain pump. Replaced it, and its busy washing clothes again. One week ago, the matching dryer broke down, with a puff of smoke showing that something was amiss. I COULD still run Diags on it, but it did not show any errors at all! So I began to tear it apart, looking for frayed wiring, or something. I found the back of the main control board had fried! And yet it could still run diags, it just couldn't report that IT was bad! I found a new one for $100 less than what Sears wanted for it. Popped it in last night, and all is well again. I think Smitty and I are going to put the Maytag Repairman out of business. There was no real rush to get it fixed, as we are currently using the coal-fired dryer during the winter. A clothes line strung across the room the coal stove is in. Clothes dry in about 2 hours :D .

Lisa, I am finding a lot of 9mm range ammo at the Raleigh gun shows. I have been paying $17 per box of 50, for FMJ. I bought 4 boxes in January for my wife's LC9. Let me know if you want me to grab you a few boxes the next time I go.

Hey F-Fred, that's a nice pile of Santa bags ya got there! But why do you have to stack them by hand? Didn't they come on a pallet? Your getting some hefty exercise by restacking, much like firewood used to give me.

Oh, last month I forgot to include this pic of my 12 year old son butchering his first deer. My face still hurts from grinning ear-to-ear. :D
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: Hambden Bob On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:30 am

28* as I type ! I'm breaking out the Lawn Chairs and The Grill ! No Jokes! Good Morning Gang! We're expecting what they're calling a Storm to roll in here shortly,but after what we've all been experiencing,I'm calling it a Saturday Weather Interruption! Freddy,you may never know the final tally of all the Fine Folks you've helped get to the Half Way Point of Winter. The Coffee Shop has definitely blown the doors off of Cabin Fever! Also,You're too Modest. That Kitchen Rat of Your's,namely one Mr. Freetown Fred,spilled the Beans on Your Groundhog's Day Secret Plan! He says that you'll be consulting with your own Furry Guy,"Mainah Mike" to see what's ahead for the next 6 weeks! You 'Da Man! Of Course,and as usual,I always make all of my backside of Winter Plans based on what Furry,Drowsy,Buck-Toothed Rodents toothy tell me! :lol: Have a Great Day,Gang toothy
Hambden Bob
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: the snowman On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:31 am


The snowman.
the snowman
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: lowfog01 On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:22 am

009to090 wrote:
Lisa, I am finding a lot of 9mm range ammo at the Raleigh gun shows. I have been paying $17 per box of 50, for FMJ. I bought 4 boxes in January for my wife's LC9. Let me know if you want me to grab you a few boxes the next time I go.

Thanks, Chris. I found some in Dawsonville - a wide spot in the road - but they have this huge gun shop. I picked up 4 boxes of range 9mm ammo for $19. Each box has 124 rounds. In DC they were asking $20 for 50 shots. No way, I'd pay that in a non emergency. Thanks for your offer, I'll keep you in mind when my stock gets low again.
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: SMITTY On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:38 pm

Stupid laws in this state make it a project to get ammo. Can't buy assembled ammo, or even PARTS of ammo online in MA. Not one part! :mad: Haven't bought any for quite a while now. Got plenty of supplies to reload ... just need to get that press moving again.

Nice board there Chris! Gotta love electronics. Built in self-destruct timers - that's all electronics are! Glad you got it taken care of - looks like you got the generation of Maytag that came after mine. Mine will be 11 years old this July. Nice deer too! Congrats to your son!

40° and climbing out there! Heat wave!! Was supposed to install a p/s cooler in my buddy's 8 year old Dodge 1500 .. but he's got some stomach issue that the damn medical field can't seem to figure out. Just had an endoscopy that showed NOTHING. Well, constant puking is NOT normal! People wonder why I have no faith in doctors! :mad: At least my mom seems to have found a handful of good ones, thank God. She's doing fine, but is getting a little frazzled by the hair loss. I guess it's one thing to talk about it ... but entirely different once it actually starts happening to you.

My other buddy will be bringing his '95 Volvo up for a water pump replacement. Never a dull moment here! We just did the damn thing 3 years/40k miles ago. Par for the course today ... But I'll tell you, this is one WELL BUILT car!! It's a '95 - driven every year through this salt ... and the thing is SOLID! Not just the body, but the brake lines too! The only thing that rusts on this car is the exhaust and hangers, probably because they're new .. :roll:

Looks like my spring rush is kicking in 2 months early. Already got a saw, mower and snowblower out there that I just finished ... and later today I'll have 2 more snowblowers, 2 lawn tractors, a leaf blower and a couple other things. Looks like I'm gonna have to pack and stack the bikes today ... :lol:

Boiler is still doing it's thing trouble free for the past 90+ days now. Looks like chimney cleaning is going to have to become a regular thing here now. That stoker sure tosses some flyash! Just 2 weeks after it's first cleaning, everything was back to the way it was - pipe temps 50° higher. We're still warm, so I have no plans to start cleaning this thing every 2 weeks. No thanks!

Groundhog day. Man, that's some GREAT news - this means we only have 60 - 90 days TOPS of this crap weather!! :dancing: That is a GREAT feeling.
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: anthony7812 On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 3:06 pm

Whew a rough start this morning. Me and the Mrs were lucky to recieve a night on our own without the kiddo's last night. So the inlaws take this children and like "boring" responsible people we say well it would be great time to get grocery's and get some household items at wally's world. We make it to Williamsport and we both said WTF lets go crazy. 3 hours later we're in Philadelphia. What a night wow. Off to get the children, the Harman purred all night and still had some coals to spare to get 'er goin again. What a charm it is. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

P.S the interchange for the northeast extension on I-80 is freakin nuts. Alotta folks headin to East Rutherford this weekend for something or another :D

Edit: Failed to mention, I loaded the stove about 3 am friday morning, thats about 29 hours she made by the time I got home.
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: LsFarm On: Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:57 am

Hey Freetown,, really? posting on Saturday Coffee at 8:41?? what's up with that? soon you're gonna tell us you are gonna retire and move to Florida !! :shock: :lol: Seriously, don't you have a few teenagers around there to help a bit? My back and shoulders got sore just LOOKING at the photo of the stack of bags on your porch!!

Lisa: I used to fly into Maine a lot, stayed not very far from Freddy. and there is almost an hour difference in sunrise in Bangor Maine and Sunrise in Grand Rapids Michigan! Any further east from Freddy, and you go to Atlantic time zone, and any further west from Michigan, and you are in Central time zone.. You can use the and look up the actual time differences, but I remember it to be roughly an hour..
BTW: that's a pretty good buy on 9mm range ammo.. I would like to find some really inexpensive .380 ammo for my pocket pistol.. I have a lot of 9mm, and shoot it to stay proficient, but I'd like to shoot my actual carry pistol more. But the 380 ammo is pricey, like most ammo these days.. And while I do reload rifle ammo, I don't do pistol or shotgun.

I got up early this morning, yeah Freetown, earlier than you!! [probably the first and last time that'll happen] And headed down to get two barrels of FREE Mineral spirits for my car-parts washer. Two FREE 55 gallon drums.. one full, one about 3/4 full.. Whoo Hoo!!
I looked at the weather radar, read the latest forecast and decided it was good to go.. No serious snow until around 10-11am... Boy, I'd never make it as a weather forecaster.. .
I got on the freeway and 15 minutes south I ran into the snow.. 45 minutes later I pulled up to the place with the drums of solvent, they had told me about 2 hours earlier when I'd called, that there was no snow yet.. and now there is over 3" on their parking lot.
I got the two drums on a pallet, strapped it down in the back of the truck, and had to drive all the way home in 4x4, the road was either 4-6" of snow, slush or packed snow and ice.. on the way back north, I saw 5 or 6 cars off the road, two on their sides.. windshield and windows broken. Seeing that made my right foot ease off a bit!!

I didn't bother to try to clear the snow, it snowed all day. Tomorrow morning is soon enough.. total around 6-8" and the forecast is for another snowfall next Tuesday or Wednesday. Seems like every 4-5 days we are getting another half a foot of snow.. So far all snowfall records are broken for Michigan.. so this is truly a 'record-setting' winter here.

Well time for bed, or at least a midnight snack..

G'night all.
Greg L
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Re: Coffee 1/30/2014

PostBy: freetown fred On: Sun Feb 02, 2014 9:13 am

Greg, it's getting to the point, yep even out here that it's easier to do it myself then try to explain the concept of work to these young kids. I went by my Amish buddies figurin to grab one of the boys but they were busy pullin out firewood. Here's the done deal 3280 lbs of 1/2 NUT & 1/2 STOVE. I got a good jump on next season I'm sure :) 1st pix is Fri. 2nd is Sat & DONE :)
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freetown fred
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