channing III cleanout

channing III cleanout

PostBy: dutch On: Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:55 pm

i've read thru a bunch of posts here and want to make sure i have
my ducks in a row before i shut down tomorrow for a mid season cleanout.

I have a direct vent channing 3 (purchased used), and it's been burning since thanksgiving
weekend. i have vacuumed the bottom of the stove out a couple times,
but tomorrow i am shutting down and cleaning further . here's my plan,
let me know if i missed anything big. and how long should this take?
how cool does the stove have to be to do it?

1:remove coal from hopper/carpet. clean anything around feed paddle,
make sure holes in carpet are clear of ash/fines.

2: remove exhaust pipe from rear of stove and clean the pipe,
should i also remove the fan and clean that area of the stove?
my pipe elbows up right behind the stove, and goes up about 6' to
another elbow that takes it out thru the block wall. will i need to take
apart the pipe at the top also?

3: remove combustion fan, and try to clean down in the feed area under
the air feed holes with a vacuum.

4: vacuum the rest of the stove interior.

5: lube the fans? i see spots on the convection fan, but haven't gotten
that up close with the combustion fan

6: grease the zerk on the feed shaft.

reinstall exhaust pipe, fill with coal, start stove,
oh , then on sunday i leave for Florida for a week!!!!
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