KA 6 Air Adjustment on Stoker Blower

KA 6 Air Adjustment on Stoker Blower

PostBy: 1975gt750 On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 9:35 pm

hello just helped a neighbor install his ka-6 2 weeks ago and it seems to be running pretty good. I was reading the set up instructions from keystoker about the air shutter on the main stoker blower. we set the draft with a draft meter over a full fire and was able to achieve .02 draft with the barometric damper. after looking at the stoker tonight the air adjustment is in the fully closed position from the factory. should I open it up half way per keystoker instructions and then adjust the barometric damper to .02 or should I leave it alone? the ka6 is using a regular chimney with very good draft. I have a kaa-2 and I only have the one air adjustment on mine so I am curious what to do. my other question is what should the the average pounds per day be to heat a 2800 square foot log cabin with cathedral ceilings be. he been burning about 100 pounds in 24 hours with outside temps in the 0-20 range and indoor temps of 68 degrees.

Stoker Coal Boiler: keystoker kaa-2
Coal Size/Type: rice coal / blaschak
Other Heating: pensotti oil boiler with riello 40 burner
Stove/Furnace Make: keystoker
Stove/Furnace Model: kaa-2

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Re: KA 6 Air Adjustment on Stoker Blower

PostBy: Carbon12 On: Sat Feb 01, 2014 9:39 pm

I've tried my air shutter open, closed and in between. Never really affected the draft under full burn. I leave it about half way based on the size of the flames coming off the burning coal. In this frigid weather I've been burning over 100 pounds a day in a similarly sized house with lots of glass.
Stoker Coal Boiler: Keystoker KA-6
Coal Size/Type: Rice/Anthracite
Other Heating: Heat Pump/Forced Hot Air Oil Furnace