Ice, Ice, Baby

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PostBy: kstills On: Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:30 am

Ashcat wrote:We're in our 38th hour without power now, in Chester County. At one point yesterday, 87% of the county was without power. Of the three possible approaches by road to our house, two are blocked by downed trees. With no attempt so far to remove them, I suspect we're looking at a minimum of another few days without power. The Hitzer insert fan is powered by a deep cycle battery hooked up to a Tripp-Lite inverter/charger. By the end of the day, the deep cycle has run down while we're at work. I start up the Kitco generator for 4-5 hours after work and an hour or so in AM, so we have lights, propane stove, hot water, well pump, first floor propane heat if needed, and some outlets. I try to keep a second deep cycle charged and switch to that to get the Hitzer fans thru the night. So far the refrigerator and freezer seem to be keeping things cold/frozen on that generator schedule.

We have no cable TV but have cable internet at the moment--that's never happened before. I got 30 gal of gas today in Wilmington, so that should get us thru the weekend if necessary.

People directly behind me never lost power.

I had power back in 11 hours.

People who are off to the back on the eastern side of me are still without power. Poor bastards in a trailer park down the road haven't had power since wednesday......
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