flame color meaning

flame color meaning

PostBy: rberq On: Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:28 pm

Can anyone tell me what different flame colors mean? Am I getting better or more-complete combustion in some cases, compared to others, or maybe better coal? (It's all anthracite) I have noticed these distinct color situations:

1) Yellow: Using charcoal, with coal on top and with lots and lots of air, to start a new coal fire.

2) Blue flames filling the whole firebox above the coal, the first 15 or 20 minutes after getting a stove reload well-established and turning down the air inlet to normal. Is there a lot of out-gassing from the coal that causes this? With some different coal suppliers (I've been experimenting) there are noticeably fewer flames.

3) Short blue flames quite visible over black coal, once a reload has been burning a half-hour or so but the coal bed is not glowing red all the way to the top. With some different coal suppliers the flames are a paler blue and closer to being invisible.

4) No visible flame at all after the whole coal bed is glowing red like the pits of hell.
Hand Fed Coal Stove: DS Machine 1300 with hopper
Coal Size/Type: Blaschak Anthracite Nut
Other Heating: Oil hot water radiators, propane