Problem with coal delivery and neighbors

Re: Problem with coal delivery and neighbors

PostBy: MarkG On: Mon Aug 11, 2014 4:11 pm

Jack, I will definitely consider Roy. Thanks!

Moving is just not an option. We bought this house for a reason, and everything except the neighbors played to our benefit. I'm not uprooting my family because of some immature neighbors. I get what you mean, but we bought this house just as fairly as they bought theirs and are entitled to live our lives and enjoy our home just as they are. If they didn't want neighbors, they should have bought it while they had the chance. They had more than ample time to buy this house because the previous owner kept it off the market for a long time waiting for them to get the funds. They would just make excuses and tiptoe around the subject, hoping the guy would cut his price by 25K (seriously). We made an offer, had it accepted, and closed in six weeks. We got a lot of house and land for a fair price and we're not going to throw it away over them.

Ultimately, we're putting another access window into the coal bin. Even with both of their vehicles, it's impossible to block both. Try to block one, the other will be left open due to their locations. We're also going to stuff the bin. It can hold 3 ton easily, and we will be doing that shortly. We used 5 ton in a year (furnace heats the water, too), so we shouldn't have to have delivery more than twice a year. We'll see how he acts this winter, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it anymore.
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