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PostBy: Sting On: Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:38 pm

Rob R. wrote:Why do you run the primary circulator all the time?

Why not to - or why should you - It depends

I have wired larger systems to run 24/7 and smaller ones that don't. If you wire so the primary loop rests when the load is not calling for heat, there is a better chance the boiler(s) will not be exposed to parasitic ghost flow [energy drain- waste in even the best system piping.

If the loop is always charged with energy flowing liquid - reaction and mixing will be quicker and better balanced

but I have a burr in my saddle today so Ill just go lay by my dish now!
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Re: Outdoor Reset

PostBy: oilman On: Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:50 pm

How about constant circ with a Taco iWorks 3 way valve? Nice setup..I think stills is heading in the right direction. I love cast iron systems with constant circ....especially with non-electric radiator valves on each rad........total zone control...without repiping.
Rob, I would have to say that wind really isn't a factor in New Britian Ct. as it is for us in New York,so I don't think he would have an issue...his heatloss is his heatloss...here in NYS, you are right, careful consideration of prevailing winds has to be done. Most people in the industry don't get it...I know that I started my heating career in the NYC/NJ/Conn area and wind was never even considered....because there isn't any as we know it. Except in a hurricane or something.......