How to Wire the Timer on a Van Wert VA400 Aquatherm

How to wire the timer on a Van Wert VA400 Aquatherm

PostBy: dvholding On: Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:32 am

I am new to this forum. If I am in the wrong location, please nudge me in the right direction.

I purchased a 1958 VA 400 about fifteen years ago. It sat in my basement until November 2013. I finally broke down and put it online with my oil burning boiler.
My setup is "radiant" throughout 3/4 of a 3600sf colonial. The other quarter of the house is unfinished and unheated. Big mistake as I had a pipe burst in the middle of February when my local temp got down to -8.

My problem is "how to wire the timer to keep the fire from going out when the T'stats aren't calling for heat".
Do any in the forum have a wiring diagram for an S400a mercury timer?

I would be most appreciative.

If any in the forum have a need for Van Wert parts, I have two local sources for parts.

Stoker Coal Boiler: VanWert VA400
Coal Size/Type: buckwheat
Other Heating: oil

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Re: How to wire the timer on a Van Wert VA400 Aquatherm

PostBy: Rob R. On: Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:35 am


I assume you are using a triple aquastat on your Van Wert? If so, you should be able to hook up the timer just like an EFM. ... lation.pdf

See page 15 in the manual, timer is in the upper left of the diagram. Run the hot and neutral to terminals 1 & 2, and the switched power from terminal 4 to the ZR terminal in the aquastat.

Make sure the timer is level, and when you first start using it check the on and off times with your watch. 1 minute every half hour should get you started, if the fire still goes out increase the timer duration to 1.5 minutes and retest.
Rob R.
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