Tempcoal & Tempcoal II Users - I Have Shaker Grate Questions

Tempcoal & Tempcoal II Users - I Have Shaker Grate Questions

PostBy: Woody7734 On: Sat. Apr. 26, 2014 8:12 pm

I recently purchased a used Tempcoal & a Tempcoal II. I'm trying to restore them to working use again. They are both missing a few shaker grate parts.
I bought a new Tempcoal in 1980 and used it (and loved it) for 4 years until we moved and had to leave it behind.
As I remember, our original Tempcoal (which had a round wooden knob & a spring loaded, internal ashdoor latch) was shaken down by rocking the center grate bar only...the other two grates were connected to it somehow and rocked with it...sorta like windshield wipers.

Here's my questions & comments:

1. The old Tempcoal we just bought (looks like our original one) came with only two shaker grates (the side grates?) with an "L" shaped arm on the ashdoor end of the grates. There is also a linkage kit (in a separate bag) with 1 flat bar with 3 holes and 3 bolts & nuts (one each end & one in center). These two grates do not have a square protrusion for the shaker handle to go onto.
2. I'm guessing the linkage kit is what connects the center grate to the two side grates, probably on the "L" shape arms at their drilled through holes to make them shake together as a unit.
3. I'm also guessing the "L" shaped arms & linkage are to be pointing up, out of the way of the ashpan, in the hollow space above the ashdoor, as I don't remember seeing the arms & linkage when shaking down our original one way back then.
4. Since I'm missing the center grate (?), I'm guessing it's also supposed to have the "L" shaped arm (with the drilled hole to connect to the center of the linkage kit)...and I'm guessing it should also have cast into the corner of the "L" a square protrusion for the shaker handle to go onto (as I remember it). If so, I'm having a hard time finding this grate.

Is this correct...or is my memory bad? If I'm correct, where can I find another center grate with the square protrusion sticking out of the "L" shaped end for the handle to go onto?

Tempcoal II:
1. It has three shaker grates, all identical. They're just straight (no "L" shaped arm on the ashdoor end), with a square end that the shaker handle seems to fit onto. I'm guessing you have to shake each grate individually.

Is this correct, or are they the wrong style grates for this stove (I'm not familiar with the changes the Tempcoal II had over the Tempcoal)?

Both stoves:
1. The 4 large refractory brick lining pieces in each stove need to be replaced. Is there large precast refractory pieces suitable for the high heat of coal burning available that I can buy & cut to size?
If not, I will make my own molds an cast them myself. But I would like to know what castable refractory mix I should buy to do this...that's suitable for the high temperatures of coal burning...if anyone knows.

Thank you for your time & I apologize for this long post.
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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