Thanks to all who helped!

Thanks to all who helped!

PostBy: ocnr On: Mon May 12, 2014 7:55 am

With air temperatures hovering in the high 60s and 70s here in Newport, RI, yesterday and today, we are likely out of the heating season for the historical railroad cars on the Old Colony & Newport Railway.

So this seems a good time to report that all went well over the cold winter, heating our Parlor Car and our Coach Car with coal stoves (a Chubby Jr. in the Parlor and a full sized Chubby in the Coach). These stoves are consistent with the historical context and era of our passenger cars, and they provided great heat in these drafty, 100+ year-old railroad cars.

Once again, we want to publicly thank all who helped us replace the failing Crane Cooker in the Parlor Car with the new Chubby Jr. last fall. Doug and Rich and Gary and Larry all gave us great advice, and got us set up with the new stove.

After we got the Parlor Car done, our railroad volunteers were so enthusiastic that they even replaced the failing Haas & Sohn coal stove in the Newport Depot with a fully functional (salvaged) potbelly coal stove that kept our ticket agents and waiting passengers warm through the cold winter months. The volunteers used what they had learned from the guys who helped with the Chubby Jr. As with the Chubbys, the potbelly not only worked great, but it looked "right" in the historical context of our railroad station.

Thanks again for the support of all on this forum from the Old Colony & Newport Railway.

Charlie (ocnr)
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Re: Thanks to all who helped!

PostBy: dcrane On: Mon May 12, 2014 9:06 am

Here is the link to the main historic Newport Railway thread with pics for those who might have missed it... NepaCrossroads keeps the fire in Old Colony Newport Railway

Your very welcome Charlie from all of us at NepaCrossroads, glad to hear you stayed toasty warm through the long winter :clap:
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