John Deere Tractor Vs. 1800S Steam Tractor.

Re: John Deere Tractor Vs. 1800S Steam Tractor.

PostBy: wsherrick On: Fri. May. 23, 2014 4:56 pm

SMITTY wrote:Thanks for that vid William! I am SO there! ROAD TRIP! :D

Well, someday anyway. Maybe I'll take the bike. :idea:

I have a large boiler (not the one heating the house) .... all I need is some steam cylinders, pistons, etc. and the Jimmy could live again, this time STEAM POWERED! :lol: That would be sweeet! I'd get rid of all my tires on the maiden voyage ... which would be on earth day ... and I'd take it straight through Worcester! :funny:

Ahhh the fun I could have with a limitless budget!

That vid reminded me of the Cog Railway up Mt.Washington, NH - that one has to be the steepest around. The steam engines were specifically designed for this massive grade in 1869.

Disregard the treehugger train in the beginning ... why anyone would waste their money on THAT when there's a steaming, smoking piece of history ready to roll right behind it is beyond me! :roll:

Smitty, I've always wanted to see the cog railroad. Especially before the Greenie Weenies ruin it.
Anyway, one really neat thing to do if you go to Cass West Virginia is to spend a few days in a caboose. They are way in the top of the mountains and the Railroad provides you with all the coal you need to cook and heat.
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Re: John Deere Tractor Vs. 1800S Steam Tractor.

PostBy: david78 On: Tue. May. 27, 2014 8:40 pm

I live 10 miles from Cass. It's always interesting to see one the old Shay's go by at a crossing. Really impressive machine.
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Re: John Deere Tractor Vs. 1800S Steam Tractor.

PostBy: whistlenut On: Tue. May. 27, 2014 9:05 pm

A properly set up work tractor would be a more formidable opponent, and weights are light years apart, but I will agree, Steam Power is amazing. Nice to see some young whippersnapper think he can go head to head with the Ole' Boys. Slow and steady wins the race EVERY time. Apples to wood pellets....not the same league......

Those new Cog diesels are quieter and cleaner......less labor intensive, too!! The Coal Fired rigs were and are nasty, but a piece of history. By the way, the Coal Rig does the first run of the day, unless they changed it, so you too can experience the 'Real Deal' even in 2014. I lost a very good friend in Sept 1967, when an engine failed about a third of the way I have different memories of the ole puffers. Kent Woodward used to love riding on the back of my Triumph helmets back then.......His dad and mom were in that car, along with Floyd Bailey and family........I was in the Army and got the sad news months a little brother gone in a flash, plus 7 others and nearly 80 banged up badly...... I've been on the cog since, but now prefer to go to the other side and take the Van's. By the way, they never got the spelling of Kent's last name correct, even on the official death toll list.
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