Baler Hyd Pump Again.

Baler Hyd pump Again.

PostBy: wilder11354 On: Thu May 22, 2014 8:36 pm

ok hay season ended last year early, after NEW eaton hyd kicker pump failed(10 hours use). Took 3 months for eaton to look at pump, and said over pressurization of pump caused it to fail....HUH!! control valve/regulator assy is designed to never, never exceed 2200PSI no matter what(sealed/encapsuted) regulator spring does. And if spring does break it goes to no pressure condition. JD tech said eaton is wrong about pressure issue. So had pump rebuilt, another $380 in addition to $800 for it new. Now not wanting to not know for sure what pressure in system is at 540PTO rpm, I am T'ing in a pressure gage to pan latch lock piston, with a check valve so gage will hold highest pressure system makes at anytime. Plus I got a whole complete new control valve regulator assy, NOS, to install after I test run original valve/regulator to be sure it wasn't or isn't bad or cause of failure. IF NOT the reason for failure, I am going to file small claims case against eaton for cost of pump & rebuild. BIG companies think they can poop on small guys. I will have proof this time if pump fails again prematurely because of defective housing alignment, thrust plates or whatever. gage will hold system pressure, even after balers off and parked for months.
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