Keystoker Koker Adding Direct Vent to One Not Setup

Keystoker Koker adding direct vent to one not setup

PostBy: tslbogger On: Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:08 pm

Hi guys I just bought a used keystoker koker 160,000 BTU it is currently setup for chimney setup bottom right rear has any one done the direct setup to one from what I hear you have t drill a 5/8 hole for a fume switch that's it I can get a direct vent for $581 plus shipping and handling. Or there is a amish guy that builds stainless triple wall but its not insulated from what I hear the stove pipe is not that hot is insulated pipe really needed for coal I will be going thru block wall then up 7 feet then thru a lean to roof open to the outside so it will be cooling already. The pipe cost about 700 to 800 with no problems to worry about like adjusting the power venter whats your guys opinions experience is helpful new to this next winter. Also does anyone know were you can buy bulk anthracite coal near Erie, Pa region and what bulks running bagged is 300 a ton or 330 in the winter around my house is bulk much cheaper. thanks cole

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Re: Keystoker Koker adding direct vent to one not setup

PostBy: lgilkes On: Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:27 pm

I had the same deal, I took mine directly to keystoker, and had them do all the work for me.

Ran me about 1,000 to install and for the new Direct vent replace bad motors, and clean stove

Hope this helps
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Re: Keystoker Koker adding direct vent to one not setup

PostBy: StokerDon On: Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:48 pm

So, your putting up a chimney, and your going to power vent??? That doesn't seem like a good idea at all. If your going to put up the chimney, forget the maintenance heavy, failure prone power/direct vent.

Now to the chimney. The chimney is a good idea. Masonry is best but, you do what you got to do. Do not get the triple wall, it is not insulated. This means you will not be able to maintain a draft on your stove. This will lead to outfires and fumes coming out of your hopper into the house instead of up the chimney.

A power vent is the easiest way to vent. You don't need a chimney, just a hole in the wall. The problem with all power/direct vents is, on a coal stoker they have to run 42/7 and are in a corrosive environment. This leads to chronic problems/failures.

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Re: Keystoker Koker adding direct vent to one not setup

PostBy: samhill On: Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:49 am

As for the bulk coal it would be easier if we knew more on your location. I get mine from a Amish guy near the Ohio/Pa line between Pierpont & Linesville. I believe it's $240 a ton & he cuts that if you have your own bags or simply put it in a truck or trailer but there may be one closer to you.
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