Summer coal bin project to feed my Yellow Flame

Re: Summer coal bin project to feed my Yellow Flame

PostBy: lsayre On: Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:22 pm

StokerDon wrote:This will be Blaschak coal. The Blaschak seems a little on the light side, My 5 gallon buckets that I use to fill the hopper are about 35 pounds of coal. Other posts have listed 5 gallon buckets containing closer to 40 pounds of coal (rice). So the Blaschak will take up a little more space than some others.


It all depends on the 5 gallon bucket. My plastic 5 gallon pails hold well more than 5 gallons. I can get 41 lbs. of Blaschak Pea into them if I fill them level to the brim.

If 5 honest gallons = 35 lbs, then one honest gallon = 7 lbs.

That's 52.364 lbs. per cubic foot, or 1,414 lbs per cubic yard.

2,000/1,414 = 1.414 cubic yards per ton

Based on that I revise my guesstimate downward from 5.8 tons to 5.33 tons for your bin with your lot of Blaschak.
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